New Monthly Newsletter – $250 cashback on offer

It has been a while since we have posted anything – but that is all about to change!

Announcing our New Monthly Newsletter and this month HP is offering up to $250 cashback on selected Servers.*

We have teamed up with one of our partners – HP to deliver to you a monthly Newsletter with all the latest in IT for business in addition to special offers from HP.

As many of you are aware we more often than not recommend HP branded PC’s and Servers.  We have often been asked why we don’t offer whitebox PC’s and Servers and the answer is simple – reliability for our business customers is more important.

With whitebox PC’s there is always the danger of components not interacting as well as they should causing compatibility issues and downtime.  Whereas with branded Business grade PC’s and Servers, you are getting tried and tested computers which are built to last.  Most of the products we recommend have a 3 year Next Business Day (NBD) onsite warranty for repairs/parts replacement.  Whilst there will always be the exception to the rule, we have found that buying business grade workstations and Servers are worth the little bit extra that you pay for.  Having the extended warranty (most other brands only offer only 1 year warranty) in itself makes the cost worthwhile.

Well now you know why we prefer our customers to purchase name brand computer equipment but the real reason for this post is to announce our monthly Newsletter and to offer you to subscribe to our Newsletter via the form below.  We promise that we value your privacy and will never share our list.

We will continue to bring you great offers not just from HP but from our other partners. Please subscribe to the Newsletter below or feel free to contact us at anytime at

*Please see newsletter for details on cashback promotion.