Battery Saving ideas for your devices






There is nothing worse than running out of battery on your laptop, tablet or phone right when you’re in the middle of writing an important email or document or you’re in the middle of a meeting.  So this quick little post is just about some things that you can do short term to give you that little bit more time before your battery dies.



Short Term Battery Saving Ideas

  1. Charge your device fully before leaving.
  2. Put your laptop or phone in battery saving or Eco mode – this will reduce power to the components to lengthen battery life.
  3. If you’re not sure how to do this then even just reducing the brightness on your screen will help give you more time.  This also applies to tablets and phones.
  4. Turn off all unnecessary programs and Apps.  If you’re like me you have a ton of stuff open at once.  Pare it back to what you absolutely need.  The more things open, the more power is required to keep things going.
  5. Another setting you can adjust is keyboard backlighting especially on laptops – turn the backlighting off or reducing it will give you more time.
  6. Disconnect BlueTooth devices such as wireless mouse or keyboard as these take a lot of power to run.

If you do all of these things, you’ll be amazed at how much longer your battery will continue to run.

Long Term Battery Saving Ideas

  1. Maintenance – it goes without saying that a device that is well maintained will run better.  Check with your IT professional on what you can do regularly to keep things running smoothly.
  2. Regular Antivirus checks – viruses put load on the system and reduce battery life.
  3. Keep things cool.  Batteries don’t like heat – overheating reduces the battery life considerably.
  4. Consider upgrading your harddrive to an SSD – SSD’s put less load on the system, which means they take less battery power to run and as an added bonus they also make your laptop much faster to run.
  5. Spare batteries can be purchased and many models have extended life batteries that you can buy in addition to the standard ones that come with the laptop.  They have a higher price tag but if battery life is important to you then it may be worth the investment. (Beware though: it is better to get an original battery – there are cheap imports out there but they don’t tend to last the distance and in some cases may not even meet safety standards.  You could end up voiding your warranty if you use one of these).
  6. Battery packs are available – you would usually plug your device in via usb port.
  7. Although the newer batteries don’t have the same flaws as the older batteries, it doesn’t hurt to let it run flat every once in a while.

So as promised, just a quick blog post today but hopefully you find some of these tips helpful.

From the team here at Xen Technologies, thank you for reading.  If you have anything you would like us to write about or you would like more information on, don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page above.