Backups – if it’s important back-it-up!

Backups – if it’s important back-it-up!

We all have things that are important to us whether it be something personal like baby photos or something crucial to your business like your Database or Accounts.  Effective backups are absolutely necessary.

Let’s face it we all know someone with a story of how they lost everything – whether it was from natural disaster like the terrible floods in Brisbane in 2011 that wiped out so many homes and businesses; or a fire that has razed a building or even something as simple as a harddrive that has failed.  It is not only stressful but can be devastating to have to start over again.flood-642586_1280

Could you afford to pay thousands of dollars to get back what is so important to you or your business?  Can you afford the downtime?  Can you afford the stress?

Failed harddrives can cost anywhere upwards of $1500 to get repaired and for data to be extracted.  It’s not unheard of to pay much more.  A friend gladly paid $3500 to have the photos of her baby restored to her.    Another person we know was writing a book, again harddrive failed.  That repair job was a bit cheaper at $1750 but he had to wait a month to get it all back.  The quicker you want it the more you pay.

Could you wait a month for your data?  What would happen in your business if you had to wait that long?

hard-drive-906511_1920But what if there wasn’t a harddrive to restore, what if it was destroyed in a fire or flood?

The good news is it doesn’t have to cost that much and it sure doesn’t have to take that long to get it all back.  We’ll be talking more about backups in upcoming posts, but right now, here are some basics that everyone should know.

  1. Always have 2 or more backups
  2. At least one of those backups needs to be kept away from the original source eg: in the Cloud, at another site, a copy in your home.
  3. Do regular incremental backups of new data
  4. Make sure your backup/s are secure
  5. Don’t forget to regularly check that your backups are successful
  6. Perform a test restore of the data – even though it may say it’s successful, you should still double check that the restore will work

If you are concerned about your backups you should contact your IT provider to discuss your options.